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Training available through the INDIREA Network

The aim of our Training Programme is to develop the next generation of researchers in cognitive neuropsychology with an interdisciplinary knowledge base and research experience that spans;

  • behavioural diagnostics in neuropsychology
  • advanced brain imaging
  • neural-level computational modelling
  • neuro-rehabilitation

along with sensitivity to private sector perspective on commercialising applications in translational cognitive neuroscience.

Hands-on research projects

All ESRs are registered for a PhD degree and perform research that spans more than one partner organisation and encompasses more than one research technique or methodology.

Advanced Training courses

These courses are organised as “bootcamps” to give intensive, hands-on experience of project relevant skills required to meet the Scientific Objectives.

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Training Objectives

TRAINING OBJECTIVE 1: to provide academic, industrial and public sector employers with researchers with broad skill sets and direct experience of adding research value by interacting across disciplines and sectors.

TRAINING OBJECTIVE 2: to enhance careers in systems cognitive neuroscience through advanced training from international experts working with cutting-edge cognitive neuroscientific methods.

TRAINING OBJECTIVE 3: to produce researchers with a proven ability to transform abstract ideas and models into healthcare outcomes, with excellent transferable skills that will be of life-long use across sectors.

TRAINING OBJECTIVE 4: to create a life-long network of young researchers across sectors whose personal contacts, support and expertise will help Europe advance neuropsychological diagnosis and rehabilitation.

TRAINING OBJECTIVE 5: to cascade expertise throughout Europe by personnel exchange, delivering researchers with potential to become future academic or industrial leaders in the near future.