ESR Orientation Meeting & ATC1: Attention – from neurons to cognition and the lab to bedside


12 & 13th May 2014
Department of Experimental Psychology
University of Oxford



by Alexander Luettich

In May, the first INDIREA Bootcamp took place at the University of Oxford. This meeting brought together all 13 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) and Principal Investigators (PIs) for the first time.

The two-day meeting kicked off with a welcome from the INDIREA Network Co-ordinator, Glyn Humpreys, followed by short presentation from INDREA partner Universities.

In the afternoon Adam Gazzaley, a guest speaker from the University of California, gave a lecture on the Future of Neurotherapeutics, where he presented his latest development of a gaming-based cognitive function enhancement treatment.  Following the lecture Oxford researchers, Masud Husain, Kia Nobre, Christopher Summerfield and Gaia Scerif delivered speeches on important aspects of their work. This covered mnemonic, temporal, developmental and decision related aspects of attention.  The day concluded with a dinner at St Hugh’s college.

On the second day, INDIREA associate partners from the British Stroke Association and P1vital, a private clinical research organisation, gave a general introduction to their field of work and INDIREA students and supervisors were able to discuss potential future collaborations. Magdalena Chechlacz and Dante Mantini then gave a presentation on lesion symptom mapping and demonstrated this using the procedures adopted at the University of Oxford. The Bootcamp finished with two final talks, the first from Nele Demeyere, which covered the current clinical tests for attentional functions, which was followed by Signe Vangkilde and Anders Petersen discussing mathematical modelling of attention.

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