Partners: Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

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General information

Trinity College Dublin is the leading university on the island of Ireland and is ranked 61st in the world in the 2014 QS rankings, and 18th in Europe.

Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary institute founded by researchers from the School of Psychology and now consisting of 240 researchers and 47 Principal Investigators. The Institute has 3T and 7T (small bore) research dedicated MRI facilities, including simultaneous fMRI-EEG, pupillometry. and state-of-the art TMS/Non-invasive Brain stimulation lab and is host to the Neuroenhancement for Independent Lives (NEIL) programme and the associated Memory Research Unit. It has close links with the Mercers Institute for the Studies of Ageing at St James Hospital.

Trinity College Dublin is a partner in the INDIREA network responsible for developing novel rehabilitation methods.


19/6/12 Prof Ian Robertson, author of The Winner Effect, at Trinity College, Dublin. Picture:Arthur Carron/CollinsIan Robertson is a neuropsychologist who works on methods for enhancing brain function, particularly in ageing, and on the mind/brain mechanisms underlying attention awareness in a range of neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions.

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paul dockreePaul Dockree is a cognitive neuroscientist interested in mechanisms of attention, memory and awareness through investigation with neuropsychological and electrophysiological methods. His work has a clinical emphasis to understand changes in functioning caused by brain injury and aging but also a strong interest in developing rehabilitation techniques to improve patient recovery from cognitive disabilities.

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