Partners: Brain Products Ltd

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General information

Since 1997 Brain Products has been developing hard- and software products for neurophysiological research applications such as BCI, ERP, EEG&MEG, Sleep, EEG&TMS, which are used by more than 2000 scientists all over the world. Several amplifiers for different purposes, such as the BrainAMP family, QuickAMP, V-Amp and actiCHamp are currently offered. Active electrodes (actiCAP) as well as several sensors have been developed based on scientific requirements. The Analyzer software offers all major methods to analyze neurophysiological data with an intuitive user interface. Version 2 has been released in 2009 with various additions, such as a direct MATLAB interface (official Mathworks Connection Program partner).The current team comprises 52 employees working in Gilching (Munich) and Freiburg. Brain Products owns 50% of EasyCAP, a manufacturer for electrode caps and accessories.

Within the last 17 years, Brain Products has developed and marketed several new products resulting from our R&D activities. Our latest development are: the actiCHamp for non-medical applications, the MOVE system which is used for wireless data transfer, the Xpress EEG cap with dry electrodes. We are engaged in several national and European projects that contribute to our R&D and networking objectives.

The Brain Products ESR will contribute to fulfilling the following tasks: (i) developing on-line EEG analyses linked to feedback triggers for external cueing of arousal (linked to alpha synchronization); (ii) developing gold standard efficient presentation and data analysis conditions for 4extracting TVA parameters; (iii) building efficient procedures into data analysis packages for measuring oscillatory behaviour (within trial).


Principal investigator

Alexander SvojanovskyAlexander Svojanovsky founded the company in 1997 and has been Brain Products’ general manager ever since. He studied electrical engineering and specialized on the development of new devices for neurophysiological research, particularly EEG amplifiers and electrodes.



napiorkowski_mNatan Napiórkowski (ESR 13) is developing a combined EEG-TVA screen for attentional impairments in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and normal aging. He is co-supervised by Hermann Mueller (LMU).