UOXF – Principal Investigators

Prof Glyn Humphreys

glynGlyn Humphreys is a cognitive neuropsychologist with research interests covering: the diagnosis and management of cognitive problems after brain injury, visual attention, perception, language and the control of action, social cognition.

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Dr Nele Demeyere

neleNele Demeyere is a neuropsychologist responsible for the Oxford cognitive screening program for stroke research, with interests also in mathematical cognition.

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Prof Masud Husain

masudMasud Husain is a behavioural neurologist with interests in inattention, impulsivity and apathy and co-director of the Cognitive Neuropsychology Centre.

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Prof Kia Nobre

kiaKia Nobre is a cognitive neuroscientist with interests in temporal aspects of attention who uses dynamic measures based on EEG and MEG as well as fMRI.

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