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General information

The University of Oxford is one of the highest ranked universities in the world.  In the Times Higher Education Supplement (2013 – 2014), Oxford was ranked first in the UK and second in the world.

Experimental Psychology has been taught in Oxford for more than 100 years, and we are proud to be one of the leading psychology departments worldwide. Our department is known for its ground breaking basic and translational research, and for the exceptional educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students alike. The Department was ranked second in the world in 2013. There are state-of-the-art facilities for research across the board in psychology, including 3T and 7T research-dedicated MRI, MEG, EEG, several TMS and tDCS labs, and access to large well-documented populations for research in ageing, neuropsychology and psychological disorders.

The University of Oxford is the co-ordinating centre for the INDIREA Network, responsible for the organisational and financial aspects of the project.



glynGlyn Humphreys is a cognitive neuropsychologist with research interests covering: the diagnosis and management of cognitive problems after brain injury, visual attention, perception, language and the control of action, social cognition.

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neleNele Demeyere is a neuropsychologist responsible for the Oxford cognitive screening program for stroke research, with interests also in mathematical cognition.

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masudMasud Husain is a behavioural neurologist with interests in inattention, impulsivity and apathy and co-director of the Cognitive Neuropsychology Centre.

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kiaKia Nobre is a cognitive neuroscientist with interests in temporal aspects of attention who uses dynamic measures based on EEG and MEG as well as fMRI.

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Nir Shalev (ESR 1)

Alexander Luettich (ESR 2)

Rachel King (ESR 3)

Edwin Dalmaijer (ESR 4)