ATC 4 : Introduction to EEG

munich group

11 – 13th March 2015
Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich



by Katharina Glomb

March 12 and 13 of this year saw the 4th Advanced Training Course of the INDIREA Marie Curie initial training network taking place at the Dept. of Experimental Psychology of the LMU in the heart of Munich. The goal of this meeting was to provide an introduction to EEG and ERP methodology which are relevant for any neuroscientist, and will also be applied by some of the students of the project. There were great introductory lectures with hands-on tutorials showing the use of BrainVision Analyzer, the commercial software developed by one of the partners of the ITN, namely Brain Products. Drs Tracy Warbrick and Filipa Viola did a great job at showing us many different features of this complex piece of software and made sure that even the students that will not analyze EEG data now have an idea of the benefits and pitfalls of this technique.

We were lucky enough to attend two excellent talks by University of Oxford’s Nick Myers and LMU’s own Paul Sauseng, and we heard a lot about what role synchronization might play in attention in the brain.
One of the highlights was the ESR’s poster session. It was a refreshing atmosphere in which it became clear that after about a year, everyone has made quite some progress and has much more of an idea of how their PhD projects will be shaped. It was also a great opportunity to present our posters to several of the attending PIs and to each other. Even during the dinner on the night of the first day, conversations about our projects and science in general dominated the table until quite late while actual horses were (drawing their training laps?) in the riding school to which the restaurant is attached.

Many thanks to the organizers of this meeting – I think we all learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves, too!

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