ATC 3 – Introduction to MRI

magdeburg square

24-26th September
Otto Von Guericke University Magdeburg

Host: Jochen Braun



by Adriana Ruiz

In September 22014 the INDIREA network held its third meeting in Magdeburg. The aim of this meeting was to learn about magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and its applications on cognitive and clinical neuroscience research, and more specifically in the field of attention.

The agenda for this workshop was very exciting and full of innovative approaches. Claus Tempelmann, from Magdeburg, began the boot camp by explaining the basic principles and general applications of magnetic resonance imaging. Afterwards, as a guest speaker from Bilkent University, Tolga Cukur presented an innovative approach to analyze functional MRI (fMRI) data, which is centered on the voxel and uses semantic categories to explain how the brain responds to visual attention. The afternoon session was opened by Tobias Donner from the University of Amsterdam, who spoke about exciting results related with perceptual judgments when the sensory input is constant. The two final talks of the day were given by Michael Hoffman and Ariel Schönfeld – both from Magdeburg – who addressed the topics of plasticity of human visual perception and the spatio-temporal correlates of visual attention, respectively. The day concluded with a guided city tour and dinner at the Fürstenwall restaurant.

The second day of the workshop included three excellent talks and one ‘hands-on’ session on fMRI. Gustavo Deco, from Barcelona, introduced the topic of functional and structural connectome as a way of combining MRI and computational neuroscience approaches. Next, Jens-Max Hopf from Magdeburg gave a presentation on the neural mechanisms of global feature-based attention, including research findings using magnetoencephalography, electroencephalography, and fMRI. Then, Glyn Humphreys spoke about relevant insights into the use of functional brain imaging in patients. Lastly, during the afternoon session all PhD students had a practical session on fMRI data acquisition and analysis, led by Alexander Pastukhov, while PIs and student representatives held a management meeting.

We had a nice experience in Magdeburg and a very profitable boot camp. Thanks Eli Fulcini, and Jochen Braun and his team for this lovely meeting!

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